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Any successful real estate investor will tell you that his or her success is dependent on having a reliable source of financing to fund transactions quickly and smoothly.  HML Capital Group is that reliable source of financing for many Maryland real estate investors.


We provide short-term financing to professional real estate investors and residential property renovators.  These direct investor loans are for the purchase and renovation of residential or commercial properties.  Other industry terms for our loan products include:  hard money loans or private money.


HML Capital Group writes Hard Money Loans quickly and with minimal paperwork so that our customers will never miss a deal on any property with good equity.  Our processes are geared to help our investor customers reach their real estate investing goals.

The HML Capital Group has bought and sold nearly 200 properties in the Greater Baltimore area.  Our experience means we can understand your deals and give you the answers you need quickly.  You can have the cash you need, on time, for real estate purchases and renovation.  This financial freedom lets you focus on the purchase, renovation and sale of your properties.  With HML Capital Group as a silent financial backer, you’ll always have the money to act.  HML Capital Group is uniquely positioned to support you as you build your real estate investing career.


HML Capital Group’s hard money loan solutions provide real estate investors with a tool to acquire more properties and to accumulate more wealth in a shorter period of time.


Our aim is to be your preferred hard money source, providing easy, fast and reliable funding for all your residential real estate investments.



We want to be your hard money lender …… Easy, Fast, Reliable !


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