HML Capital Group

Hard Money...Easy, Fast, Reliable!

Why HML Capital?
  • Loans from rehabbers…to rehabbers
    • We’re rehabbers and landlords, ourselves.  We understand you and your business.  Need some guidance on your project….we’re happy to help.


  • Direct lender
    • Unlike a hard money loans broker, all approval decisions are made on site by us.  No middle man.  No waiting for a decision from someone you’ll never meet.  Wouldn’t it be nice to deal with the lender directly?  Who do you want to build a relationship with:  a middle man, or the decision maker?


  • No minimum credit scores
    • We are a true hard money lender.  Our primary lending criteria are the property and the deal.  We will, of course, look at your credit report, but we try to work with clients who have had credit issues.  We’re looking for ways to finance your project, not turn you down.


  • Quick and easy approval process
    • You can expect a decision within 48-72 hours of your submission of the loan application and initial paperwork.  This quick response allows our clients to take full advantage of timely opportunities.


  • Fast closings
    • You can be sure that we understand your sense of urgency.   We will be ready as soon as the title company is ready.


  • Straightforward draw process
    • When you’re ready for a draw, just give us a call.  We try to schedule draw inspections within 1-2 days.  Typically, we can make your draw payment on the spot.  Can’t get much simpler than that.


  • Customer responsiveness
    • We’ve built our business on referrals by providing superior customer service.  We want to earn your business the same way.




We want to be your hard money lender …… Easy, Fast, Reliable !

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