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  • Rates:
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  • Loan Term:
    • Six month balloon.
    • Extensions are available:           
      • Up to three two-month extensions


  • Monthly Payments: 

    • Interest only. 

    • No amortization. 

    • No escrow for taxes or insurance


  • Loan Size:

    • In most cases, we’ll start as low as $15,001 and go as high as $250,000. 

    • For smaller loans, points are based on a minimum loan size of $50,000. 


  • No Pre-payment Penalty:
    • We do ask for a 30 day notice.


  • Loan To Value (LTV):

    • Generally we lend at 60-65% of the After Repaired Value (ARV)


  • Financing of Closing Costs, Points and Interest Payments:

    • If your LTV is low enough, we can finance your loan costs.


  • Construction Draws:

    • We’ll fund up to 100% of the renovation cost.

    • Renovation costs are paid out in draws, upon completion of the work.


  • Loans to LLCs:

    • We will lend to LLC or corps, but we do require personal guarantees.


We want to be your hard money lender …… Easy, Fast, Reliable !


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