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Our process is simple:


·   Step1:  Download the one page Quick Pre-Approval form(QPF) and fax  

            Click here to download Quick Pre-Approval Form

 or Complete the form below(scroll to the end) and submit online
This gives us the info we need to do a preliminary screen of your loan.
here’s no cost to you for this first step.
We’ll get back to you within 24 – 48 hours

·    Step 2: Once we’ve given preliminary approval, download and fax this application:

                       Application for Short Term Commercial Loan

         §         Borrower Information Form
         §         Deal Evaluation Form
         §         Repair Estimate Form

Each of these forms is only one page and should be info readily available to you.

The application/deal evaluation fee will be collected at time of inspection. 
We’ll process your application (including inspection of the subject property promptly…usually within three business days).

             ·        Once approved, we can typically settle within seven days !

Quick Preapproval Form(Commercial Loan)

Complete this form online and submit, or print a copy and fax to us.  If you have questions please refer to the Contact Us page

Applicant Information
First Name(incl. middle initial):
Last Name:
Company Name(if applicable):
Street Address:
Apt., Unit, Suite:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
How is your credit?:
Have you/businesses you affiliate with been defendant in lawsuit?:
Are there judgements against you/businesses you are affiliated with?:
Have you/business you are affiliated ever filed bankruptcy?:
Have you/businesses you are affiliated w/ filed a foreclosure?:
Are you in the Military?:
Contact Information
Phone No. (Best):
Email Address:
Property Information
City, State Zip:
Type of House:
Do you have the property under contract?:
Exit Strategy?:
Any board ups on the block? How many?:
Check box if any next to yours?
Deal Information
Property Type:
After Repair Value(ARV): (USD)
Repair Estimate: (USD)
Purchase Price: (USD)
Desired Loan Amount:  (USD)
Settlement Information
Settlement Date:
Title Company:
Earnest Money Deposit:
Other Information
Are you a new client? If yes, check box:
Do you already have a contact at HML Capital?If yes select name:
How did you hear about us?:
Comments(if you answered other above, write source here please.  Thank you):
I authorize HML Capital to verify
my credit and employment history.

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